We're just three guys thinking about the future and trying to make the TO Private Server scene better by improving its client side and also its server/web side. We're 3 guys who like rock very much,  We're nice and we're quite friendly. The team is made up of a Great Designer, a Ultimate-High-End Coder, and a guy who's good with.. We don't know, ...
Talisman Of Shakiera is a free-to-play 3D multiplayer online role-paying game (MMORPG). It takes place in an ancient fantasy world, people turn to adventurers who seek enhance their magic skill to protect the peace of the world. But some omens showing great ancient Evils have revived; as one of these adventurers it is time for you to defeat the Evils. ...
We are proud to announce the launching of our site, it's been a great time..Remember that it is not fully worked yet but it will be soon, so stay updated and don't miss any news from Us. Play the game with your friends..  Have a nice day ! Sincerely, Talisman Shakiera Team.
Good day Ice Freaks! We've recently registered server today on our site, unfortunately people don't like to vote, but we do. Here, our staff makes everything to promote the server, we're delivering it everywhere and in any ways.  But we're a few and we like to keep it "legal" ! The vote-page released now you'll be able to get nice and awesome ...
Help us grow by liking our page and sharing it with your friends! You can post whatever you want there as long as it's good-intended and not harmful.  Leave us suggestions, critiques, feedback..we're gonna read it all and try to give you the best answers. You can find us here:  https://www.facebook.com/Talisman.Shakiera  Sincerely, ...
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